The King and Queen attended our Joyous Occasion.  After the ceremony they approached and King Henry Knighted Lord Paul with these words.....

Monsieur, on this day we have no greater honor that we can give you than you have already received here today.   The hand of this beautiful woman in marriage.   Yet there is one honor we can give you Take a Knee Monsieur.   To be a Knight is to hold a sacred trust.   You must ever be prompt in the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.   Be it through age, infirmity, poverty or vows. Will you accept this Monsieur?    You have already sworn to defend your Lady in Love will you defend her in war if need be?   Then in the name of San Michelle, San Dennie and of Almighty God bear these blows and no others, we dub thee Sir Paul.   Arise Monsieur and be a good Knight and True. 

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